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Wastewater Constructions

At Wastewater Treatment of Louisiana, we provide several options when you are trying to build a new wastewater facility. We can start on your wastewater treatment plant construction at any time, and we will show you how the wastewater treatment construction process should work. We have a lot of experience in this line of work and we can come to your facility to explain how we will build the wastewater treatment plant installation, and talk to you about your goals. We serve the following areas in Louisiana:

What is Wastewater Treatment?

A wastewater treatment facility installation helps our clients make sure that they can store and treat all the water flowing through their community. We work on wastewater treatment installation and provide clients with precast concrete solutions to complement our services. We make sure that you have a safe place to treat all the water in the community.

The Construction Process

We recommend our precast concrete products for every wastewater treatment plant installation. We can create a layout for the wastewater treatment plant construction job, and we will show you why we have used the layout that you see. Additionally, we will explain how our precast designs will make your wastewater treatment facility installation more durable.

We make sure that we can fit the facility into the space that you have chosen, and we create a timeline for the wastewater treatment construction project. Rest assured that Wastewater Treatment of Louisiana prioritizes your time and investment, which is why we ensure efficient work.


We work on the wastewater catch basins, and we recommend the right number of wastewater treatment installation catch basins as you need. We can even add a catch basin to your facility if you want to expand. We also make sure that the wastewater treatment construction is going to be easy to service and repair.

Lift Station

We can build lift stations for your wastewater treatment installation to move water from one elevation to another. We also make sure that the lift stations are the appropriate size for your facility. If you are expanding, we can build a larger lift station.

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Let our team take care of your wastewater treatment plant construction in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Gonzales, and Lafayette. We will work with you on a construction plan for your company, and we will show you how the facility should be laid out. Call Wastewater Treatment of Louisiana today or fill out our form to schedule an appointment.

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