We are proud to be backed by Perma-Liner as a certified installer.

The Perma-Liner™ Pull-In-Place Pipelining System is 100% trenchless. No digging up floors, landscaping, or tearing up walls.

Sewer systems in residential and commercial residences need constant maintenance. Any delays in the repair can cause environment pollution. However, the Pull-In-Place Pipelining System is a method that employs trenchless rehabilitation in a variety of applications such as water, gas, chemical and sewer pipelines. Apart from being cheaper and cost efficient, the technique offers plenty of other advantages.

No excavation needed: There is no reason to excavate when repairing leaking or unsound pipeline structure. The pipes can be installed in existing access points thus enabling the installers to reduce infiltration and leaks efficiently in the systems without digging.

Repairs pipes with bends:
The Pull-In-Place Pipelining System is appropriate for fixing pipes with bends because it has no joints and has a smooth interior surface. However, several factors must be considered to avoid wrinkling and stretching.

Saves time: This method saves plenty of time because of the technology employed which makes it easier to detect problems and consequently conduct repairs.

Long-lasting and environmentally safe: Unlike traditional pipes, The Pull-In-Place Pipelining System can deflect roots while resisting chemical damages. They can last for 100 years, ten times its counterpart’s lifespan. Since leakages will be eliminated, these pipes help in conserving the environment.

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