WWT Construction and Services designs, provide and installs wastewater lift station for residential and commercial projects. From 48” to 14’ ID (inside diameter) WWT Construction and Services can deliver a well-designed, proven system. We provide pumps, slide rails, and control panels to complete the project.


WWT Construction and Services can provide the force main piping from the lift station to the sewage treatment plant, as needed.


We are capable of installing pump stations up to 14’ inside diameter and over 50’ deep using this method.

WWT Construction & Services uses the Caisson Method to install these bigger wet wells. This method uses an auger to drill out the ground underneath individual concrete rings. Rings are continually stacked and drilled further down until the desired depth is reached. Because there is no annular space between the ground and the concrete, slide rail shoring systems are not necessary. This will save time and money and also eliminates risks for contractors associated with safety and potential shoring damage. This method has been proven successful with East Baton Rouge Parish spec wet wells of all sizes. We are well known for this method and have installed over 30 pump stations in EBR in the last 3 years.


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