We are proud to be backed by Perma-Liner as a certified installer.

We have a proven method to rehabilitate a 2-foot or 4-foot pipeline section utilizing a “local” sectional repair system. We utilize both Perma-Liner and Link-Pipe systems to achieve this. The Perma-Patch system is part of the latest development in rehabilitation products from Perma-Liner™ Industries. The Perma-Patch system uses a fiberglass mat with 100% solid epoxy resins creating a structural repair with a minimum life span of 50 years!

Perma-Patch is designed for 3” to 24” diameter pipelines with cracks, holes, and separation in joints. The Perma-Patch repair is inserted into the damaged pipe using an inflatable bladder, push rod, or pull cable. The Perma-Patch repair is centered over the damaged pipe section and pressed tight against the host pipe area creating a structural new pipe.

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