The function of a catch basin (also known as a storm drain) is to collect rain and storm water from the surrounding streets, sidewalks, and other paved areas. This collected water is then dispersed to the appropriate pathways via underground piping systems. Our precast concrete catch basins are a more convenient solution than traditional structures that are poured or built on-site.

We have extensive experience producing larger box structures. We have precast and delivered boxes up to 14’x14’ inside dimensions in lieu of a “pour in place” box, saving contractors time, space, and money. We have an ACI certified technician on staff, and are an NPCA certified plant. Our crew is experienced in building boxes for any specification (DOTD, EBR SSO, etc.), and can get any type of welded wire or rebar reinforcement to meet specs for your job. We have the resources to quickly produce and deliver your storm drainage system.


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