Over time, your pipes may need attention. On the surface, everything may look fine, but a deeper look could reveal damage, blockage, or natural wear and tear that isn’t readily apparent at first glance.

Thanks to advancements in technology, WWT Construction and Services can enlist the assistance of fiber optic cables to see what’s really going on in there. Small waterproof high-resolution cameras can easily journey through your pipes, telling the technicians on the other end what they’re in for.

We specialize in inspecting and reporting in main lines from 4” to 24” for both residential and professional contractors. Our data collection and reporting are PACP and LACP certified software.

Inspection Videos

The database is capable of linking MPEG compressed video collected on a video compressor installed in the truck and up to five still images per observation. MPEG video files are viewable with Windows media player thereby permitting any user with a PC to play back the video inspections from the CD/DVD/HD. The user has the option of up to 1000% increased speed playback to reduce time spent reviewing video of lines. The user can also select to view only those defects with a weighted value of 1-5 for PACP. The video playback will slow to display only those observations with a value selected. This option greatly reduces time spent in reviewing inspections.

Inspection Reports

CIMS generates pipeline inspection reports with captured images of defects or other related significant visual information. Each report may also be saved as a standard .wmf or .bmp file, which may be shared and viewed by anyone using a Windows operating system. A viewer for these files is provided and is freely distributable.

Here are some things our experts will look for when they utilize video inspection:

Major damage

Collapsed, cracked, or broken pipes can lead to serious plumbing problems. Video inspection can help your plumbing professionals find leaks and damage that could worsen over time if not remedied immediately.


Everyday debris can bog down your plumbing system, but without professional assistance, you may not be able to identify the problem. Grease, tree roots, and waste can prevent your water from flowing properly.

Regular wear and tear

Over time, your pipes are going to need attention. Wear and tear is normal, but that doesn’t mean it’s OK to be complacent. Keep up with the condition of your piping systems to ensure that normal wear and tear doesn’t diminish your plumbing system’s functionality.

Through the use of high-resolution video cameras, our professional team of experts can evaluate the severity of your plumbing needs. Whether you’re just looking for general maintenance, or if you’ve encountered a severe problem, a video inspection from our team will pinpoint the problem and help you prepare for action.

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